About ComfortNet

We believe that installing a ComfortNet™ indoor comfort communicating system should be a simple process. Using four wires, a ComfortNet system configures any compatible gas furnace, air conditioner or heat pump system in seconds. When it's properly installed, the ComfortNet system monitors the performance of the indoor and outdoor system components to make certain that the entire indoor comfort system is operating as efficiently as possible. This combination offers what we consider to be an unmatched balance of indoor temperature and humidity control perfection.

Simple is Smart

The ComfortNet system is capable of alerting the homeowner to call you when service is required on any part of the complete system. In addition, standard features of the ComfortNet system include dual-fuel controls, outdoor temperature display, dehumidification control, advanced diagnostics, a programmable continuous fan control, and more.

A wide assortment of features are available depending upon the ComfortNet Communicating control you choose.

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CTK02 High Definition Control

CTK03 & CTK04 Prestige Controls