Garage Heaters

Gatt Heating specializes in fast, code compliant installation of all garage heaters. Garage heaters have become far more popular in the recent past due to innovations that make them much more energy efficient and the need in many cases to take the chill off of a bonus room or to use the garage as a workroom / gathering spot.

Though heating your garage with electrical heating can have lower up front costs, the long term cost to run electrical heat in a garage is significantly higher than natural gas or propane.

There are two main types of garage heaters, radiant and forced air. 

Radiant heaters heat objects such as vehicles, your workbench and to a certain extent you. They are the most economical to run as the don't have to reheat the entire garage after the overhead door is opened and the warm air escapes.

Forced air heaters work just like the furnace in your home but contain a fan so ductwork is not required. Forced air heaters are ideal if you have a workshop that you spend a lot of time in or have a bonus room above the garage that you are having difficulty maintaining a comfortable temperature in.  The drawback to a forced air heater is all the air you have heated escapes as soon as you open your overhead door so the garage needs to be reheated and more natural gas is used.

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