Heat Recovery Ventilators

A necessity for energy efficient homes

An HRV provides energy efficient mechanical ventilation, especially in energy efficient new houses where uncontrolled airflow is minimized. In a well-sealed house, an HRV is much more effective at recovering a large percentage of the heat that would otherwise be lost by means of uncontrolled airflow through the house. HRVs provide ventilation for existing housing as well, especially when energy efficient measures such as air sealing and insulation upgrades have made the building envelope tighter, or when the house is subject to condensation or other indoor air quality problems because there is poor or no air flow in the house.

Our brand of choice is Fantech due to their longevity, ease of cleaning and reliability. For information on the models available click one of the links below.  If you would like an in home estimate to determine the feasibility of installing an HRV in your home please contact us and request a quote.

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