Eliminate dry air for health reasons

Dry air can be a problem in almost any home, but it is most common during the winter months. The combination of cool, outdoor air and heated indoor air can cause your home to be drier than the Sahara. Air that’s not properly humidified can have serious health and comfort implications:

  • Low relative humidity can make you more susceptible to catching a cold. Flu viruses have been linked to speedier progression and transmission in dry air.
  • The respiratory infections caused by cold and flu viruses are a leading trigger of asthma in children. Plus, cold, dry air on its own can aggravate asthma.

But that's not all. Dry air can cause structural damage to your home and possessions, It can cause walls, woodwork and hardwood floors to crack. And those annoying static shocks? They can cause irreparable damage to your electronic equipment.

Dry air can actually make you feel colder at normal temperatures, causing you to overheat your home. According to recent studies, for every degree you heat your house, you add four percent to your energy bill.

We carry several brands of Humidifiers and feature the April Aire Brand. April Aire is a leader in whole home humidification and with several models available there is one to suit nearly every home and every indoor dry air challenge.


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