Thermostats and HVAC Control

We carry numerous brands, styles and types of thermostats with a few of our most popular featured at the bottom of this page.

When selecting a thermostat, pay attention to the equipment it’s meant to control. Some are intended to control a furnace only, while others will control a furnace and an air conditioner, a heat pump, or equipment that operates in multiple stages that kick-in as the need for heating or cooling increases. If you have a system that provides multiple stages of heating and cooling, such as a dual-speed air conditioner or a modulating / 2 stage you will need a thermostat that is designed to handle the advanced operational abilities of your equipment.

Today you can choose between mechanical, basic on off, basic programmable, wi-fi and all the way up to smart home enabled thermostats. Your estimator will provide you with a selection of thermostats that will operate your equipment efficiently and from those you will be able to select a unit that has the features you require and that suits your lifestyle.

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